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Shina Dark

If there’s one manga that makes me hooked since its first chapter then Shina Dark (Story: Bunjuro Nakayama, Art: Yukari Higa) is one of them. From the cover it seems like ur typical fantasy romance comedy manga, but there’s something about Shina Dark that somehow separates it from other titles of its genre.

 Vol. 1 cover

The story takes place in the island of Shina Dark where the legendary Satan Exoda Z. Kurau is rumored to be sleeping. Then comes the time when the great Satan wakes up… only to find his island filled with virgins. Although the satan is a laid-back guy who loves sleeping and fishing, mankind has been making stories throughout centuries about his nature. And the most up-to-date legend tells that the great satan will be pleased if he received 1000 virgin girls as sacrifice. Although Satan is not interested in the virgins but the poor girls can’t go back to their home because there’s a rumor that if a virgin has entered Shina Dark she has become tainted with Satan’s curse. Thus begin Satan’s daily life in taking care the 1000 virgins as well as making sure that Shina Dark doesn’t run out of money from over-population.

The main character of the story is the legendary Satan Exoda Z. Kurau or just called Satan. He’s the lord of darkness but he definitely doesn’t look like one. He hates paperwork and loves fishing and slacking off. For a harem main character, I find him to be very interesting since he’s currently not interested in any of the girls. Don’t worry, our dear Satan does swing THAT way. But it seems that his memory is haunted by a woman named Cynthia. The Satan has two loyal vassals named Vincent and Noel. Vincent is Satan’s bishonen butler who actually looks more charismatic and satan-like than the actual satan. He’s titled the ‘Prince of Undead’. Noel is a flat-chested mechanical doll who works as Satan’s personal maid. She’s very energetic and seems to be in constant happy mood. A bit airheaded and she has her personal army of little robots called Teshita. Among the 1000 virgins, two are actually very close to Satan and they’re trying their best to seduce Satan and making him fall in love with one of them. The first one is the short-tempered Princess Galett of Vansable. She’s a typical tsundere character who’s an expert in swordfight. She will do anything to save her country even if that means she must become the bride of Satan. The second one is Christina of Estgloria. A shy princess who loves to read books. Her country is famous for giving out the title of ‘Brave One’ who will be sent to slay the satan. There’s also Marple, one of Satan’s virgin who is actually the youngest among the 1000 virgins. Even Satan himself couldn’t believe there are people out there who portray him as a maniac.

Shina Dark seems to be a typical harem manga, but there’s something different about it. There’s fanservice in it, but it’s not over the top and doesn’t disturb the storyline. The most interesting character so far is Satan since he must endure the stigma placed onto him as a dark and evil character while he’s completely the opposite. The scene when Satan threatened the arogant Brave One who hit one of the virgins is very strong and makes him as a gentle characters contrass to his image. Vincent and Noel are also interesting characters. Vincent might seem your another main character’s best friend type of character but he’s actually a person Satan can depend on. The girls are also cute and amusing. Galett despite being a tsundere is not as abusive as other tsundere and she seems to know her current position. So far I’m not too impressed with Christina but I’m sure there’s more of her we haven’t seen yet.

From left to right: Christina, Noel, Vincent
From right to left: Galett and… Satan

The art is nice and beautiful. The comical expression is amusing and the emotional scenes are well-drawn. But there’s one MAJOR problem. The battle scenes although very few but are drawn poorly and it’s so difficult telling what’s happening. The biggest example is when Satan is fighting the Dark Dragon. But I don’t think of it as a drawback since the battle scenes are still very few (so far).

Shina Dark is a manga with interesting characters. If you’re a fan of Zero no Tsukaima or other fantasy stories then I very recommend it. Unless you really hate fanservice (I know a guy who does) then Shina Dark is an interesting read to pass your time.

Shina Dark is scanlated by scx-scans.



  1. I agree with you about Shina Dark completely! I got hooked up in this manga not just on the first chapter but it’s summary lol! When I read the summary about the pacifist couch potato great evil lord, it just somehow got me hooked, especially the fact that he is being stained by rumors each time which gives him quite a hard time.

    So far I love the characters of the show, like Exoda who is hilarious! Garlet who is hot tsundere type! Christina who is the timid type! Marple whom is the loli, but IMO i think it’s cool and cute on how she gets along so well with the great demon lord Exoda even though most of the girls had a bad impression of him (It’s like a father-daughter relationship which shows how good the character image our main lead is). Vincent as the evil looking character! Noel who by the way if you dont notice is VERY SIMILAR TO MAHORO in Mahoromatic, who is the Android battle maid, which is very similar to Noel whom is also an android. Another similarity they have is that they both have small bust and want/wish it to become bigger, much to their dismay! LOL! Also there seems to be a new character whom was there all along the first chapter the one who kept hiding in the walls, who always get busted by either Noel,Vincent, or Exoda; I think her name was Hajime who is a mysterious character so far especially since she decided to swear to protect Exoda with her life.

    It’s not just the characters, I especially love the story and how it progresses quite naturally or just properly. Since they touched upon the current affairs of their island, as well as the morale of the people…I mean ladies/maidens. Also I always get hooked up to a cool main character whom has a haunting memory or tragic past, ie. Kaze no stigma, Crimson Grave, etc. Oh by the way for the author of this entry, I recommend you read Crimson Grave if you havent, because it is a VERY SIMILAR story refer to this:

    I guarantee that if you love this manga, you will also like this manga, the only problem I could point out that so far the scanlation has stopped or maybe the manga had been stalled in Japan or something. This manga has very good quality and especially the fight scenes, which of course beats the fight scenes in Shina Dark (which frankly is my only complaint in this manga).

  2. I have checked the first chapter of Crimson Grave but that’s all I can acquire since manga-heaven hasn’t continued scanlating it anymore. Although I like it I can’t say much since I’ve only read one chapter. But judging from the first chapter, I have to agree that the fight scenes are much better drawn than Shina Dark. But the overall art IMO isn’t too good (but still passable). Though I have to admit the story also interests me as much as Shina Dark. It’s a pity that only one chapter is scanlated so far.

  3. There is far to both Christina and Garet then currently shown. Actually that goes for all the characters.

    I have a summary of form ch6 to 13 on AnimeSuki if anyone can’t wait for scanlation.

  4. I’m Dubbykinz, founder, admin, and fellow editor of Operation Boredom, the “other” group scanlating Shina Dark.

    Nothing against SCX, I do get along with them. But the characters names are completely off.

    Exoda’s full name is Exoda Zero Crown. We at OB refer to him by his Jap name, Maou. But that’s only because we find it strange to call him “Satan” or “Demon Lord”, and also not to offend our readers who are sensitive about this.

    But back to names…

    The red-head girl’s name is NOT ‘Garet’. Her actual name is Garlet.
    Christina is pretty simple.
    Noel is also correct, as is Vincent.

    The little girl’s name… She is MAPUL, not MARPLE.

    Our translator was having difficulty with the names, and he informed me about it. Not wanting to cause trouble for our readers, myself and others looked very deeply into this. This is what we came up with.

    These are the correct names of the characters.

    Just thought you should know. =P

    Anyways, my group will be releasing Shina Dark v2 as well! I do not like fighting with SCX, but because SD is not my project, there is nothing I can do about it.

    Nevertheless, enjoy the series, whether you read ours or SCX’s releases. ^_^ I’m not a fan of harem, and hate them with all my life but there is just something about SD…

    Just had to pointthat about the names.


  5. competition is good, i look forward to your rls.

  6. i think i will dl from both ^^

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  8. Im onizukaa, the EDITOR for SD from Scx. and im the official hater of dubby kins. and i shall tell you why

    “Exoda’s full name is Exoda Zero Crown. We at OB refer to him by his Jap name, Maou. But that’s only because we find it strange to call him “Satan” or “Demon Lord”, and also not to offend our readers who are sensitive about this.”

    You do it your way, we’ll do it ours. We still think Satan is better because we are in AMERICA and not everyone is a WEEABO FAGGOT. So not everyone knows that “Maou” means “Demon lord”

    “The red-head girl’s name is NOT ‘Garet’. Her actual name is Garlet.”

    Who the fuck is saying “Garet”? Not us, i know that. We’re saying “Galet”. Before you bash, get it right. Kthxbai nopieplz.

    “The little girl’s name… She is MAPUL, not MARPLE”

    Another case of “You do your thing, we do ours” And btw, Mapul sounds like your translator is retarded. Maple would be passable, but mapul? Ma- pull? ma pewl?

    “These are the correct names of the characters.”

    And Where do you get off on saying that. Who died and made you queen of names?

    “Anyways, my group will be releasing Shina Dark v2 as well! I do not like fighting with SCX, but because SD is not my project, there is nothing I can do about it.”

    Oh wow, this coming from the one who effectively said “You know of course, this means war”

    “Nevertheless, enjoy the series, whether you read ours or SCX’s releases. ^_^ I’m not a fan of harem, and hate them with all my life but there is just something about SD…”

    Which is why you came to US for a joint.

  9. I wasn’t even talking about you guys. >__>;

    The names? I was referring to the names the POSTER posted. ;D You know, since this is a comment to a blog. ^__^

    No one made me queen – I was just smart and researched the names with 4906804 other people after my TRANSLATOR [yes, it was our translator that made me search up the names] told me he was having troubles translating the names.

    And I warned you guys I wouldn’t drop the SD project. I don’t work on Shina Dark – the only reason I don’t like the whole war is because our translator and editor are too caught up on that.

    End of story.

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