Posted by: opphiucus | February 3, 2008

“ef – the First Tale” to be Localized

A group called NNL has decided to localize Minori’s famous visual novel “ef – the First Tale”. NNL is planning to release the translated version of this wonderful visual novel on, surprisingly, May 2008. It’s quite hard to believe considering how visual novel localization project tends to take long time such as Mirror Moon. But I also heard that ef is not very long as a game so it might take less time finish it.

But what makes it surprising is how they’re planning to release it. Most translated version of visual novel is released in the form of a patch. That means we have to ‘get’ the game first before getting the patch but NNL decided to release the full game with its translation. According to them, there’s no big difference when it comes to releasing just a translation patch or full game since most people will also download the game illegally if they release just the translation patch. There might be a possibility that other translation group will follow this kind of method in the future.



  1. I Hmm. I feel like it’s much better if people buy the game. Considering that it is purchasable.

    But for games that are out of print like Type-Moon’s older games (Tsukihime and Kagetsu Tohya) though, I feel that it’s reasonable to download those considering the auctions for those games won’t net any money to Type-Moon.

  2. I have to agree with you about TM classic games since they must’ve been considered rare items as of now so even if you find it, the price would be much much higher than the way it should be.

    But I still can’t blame people for dling visual novels. Sure what they did is wrong but unlike anime where there’s still a chance that they got licensed, there’s no way to acquire visual novels legally even if the fans waited for years (the chance is very slim). The only method is from importing but it’s also quite expensive and risky.

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