Posted by: opphiucus | February 2, 2008

Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekitou

Among the doujin games my friend sent me from Winter Comiket, this game has the honor of first being played. Putting my fanboyism aside, I’m intrigued to see another fighting game that features Suzumiya Haruhi. It turns out Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekitou is just a more developed version of Suzumiya Haruhi no Chourantou! It’s a good thing that my friend gave this one free to me or else I would’ve felt completely ripped-off!

Nope, this is not a repost

I have reviewed Chourantou before so I don’t need to restate my overall feelings about the game, since it has completely same system as Chourantou! But of course there are several new things that at least keeps me entertained (for a short time).

  • New story
  • New characters (Konata and Akira from Lucky Star)
  • Character Customization mode
  • Mission mode
  • Fully voiced!

The new story is a bit amusing to me. It basically tells about Konata and Akira got stranded in Haruhi’s world thanks to Haruhi’s wish. Konata and Akira are fun to use and they’re also balanced considering they’re special characters. Konata is specialized for both long and short range attack (her weapon is her chocolate cornet). Her skills consist of shooting energy ball towards her opponent, a deadly tackle, and a dive kick from air. Her second form turned her into some kind of Mahou Shoujo. However I find her special is a bit hard to use since it’s a linear attack and can be easily dodged. Akira is more of a short-ranged attacker. She uses her sleeves as her weapon (swinging them like claws) and her skill is very useful since it can stun all the enemies nearby. She transforms into Ayu from Kanon as her second form. Her special is also deadlier than Konata and also has wide area effect. I have no problem with bringing Konata and Akira as new characters, but IMO a game that features LS characters won’t be complete if it doesn’t feature Shiraishi Minoru (although his face appears on the gong Akira brings).

Lucky Star? In my Haruhi doujin game!?

Haruhi is interested in moe blob otaku and bipolar idol

The character customization mode allows you to customize your character appearance. You can add several accessories but sadly they won’t affect your battle performance. You can unlock more accessories by completing the mission mode.

Character customization screen and yes, she's a queen.

Mission mode

And the thing that matters me the most is the fact that it’s fully voiced! However, since it’s just a doujin game don’t expect them to use the real seiyuus here. In fact, some of them sound so different that it makes my ears bleed every time they speak. Haruhi sounds awful, Kyon sounds like he’s spending half of his life smoking, Konata doesn’t sound like Konata at all, Tsuruya sounds… plain, and Kyon’s Imouto makes me wish this game is not voiced at all! The rest are at least passable or not just appealing at all.

Those are all what Gekitou offers to us. I can’t recommend playing this game if you already have Chourantou since it’s not really new when it comes to gameplay, but if you haven’t played Chourantou then Gekitou is a nice and entertaining game. But if you really insist on playing it then let those new features be your consideration.



  1. How did you get Konata?

  2. I think this game ius realllly great

  3. You can get Konata by completing story mode and then complete arcade mode with Konata to get Akira. It’s a fun game ^^

  4. how did you get this game?

  5. Actually the items do affect how you play the game. The top hat recovers your SOS meter (really really slowly), the sword gives you one more combo hit and the nurses cap recovers your hp (again really really slowly).

    Still haven’t figured out what the other items do though…….

  6. Hey… what the hell!? I’ve just finished story mode (up til Akira’s card) but Konata is still unavailable! What’s this!?
    Fun and addicting game, tho.

  7. Unlocking guide:
    -Finish Story Mode with Kyon to unlock Haruhi in Story Mode.
    -Finish Story Mode with Haruhi to unlock Konata in Story Mode.
    -Finish Story Mode with Konata to unlock Akira in Story Mode.
    -After unlocking all characters in Story Mode, finish Arcade Mode with any characters to unlock Konata in Arcade/Free Mode.
    -After unlocking all characters in Story Mode and Konata in Arcade Mode, finish Arcade Mode with any characters to unlock Akira in Arcade/Free Mode.
    -After unlocking all characters in Story Mode and both Konata and Akira in Arcade Mode, finish Arcade Mode with any characters to unlock Difficulty: Mega in Config.

    I played this game and could unlock (maybe) everything inside. I also get Akira in Arcade/Free Mode not with Konata, but Kyon! 8D

    And I’m not sure about the last, I unlocked the Mega a.k.a Expert (it says “Megassa”) difficulty when I set difficulty to Hard mode.

    • how exactly do you save your progress on the game coz i got just unlocked konata i had to go so i went to main menu exited through there but when i opened it again i want able to recover my progress how do i Fix this

  8. lol i wish i could get this game and knew Japanese XD

  9. Hmm I cant get 2 player to work can you help?

  10. I can’t believe you don’t know what Konata’s Transformation is!!! It’s Haruhi’s RPG outfit from the PS2 game!!! I can’t blame you too much though… anyways, i never really tried to get 2 player to work so try to deal with one player.

  11. what game is this 4 anyway



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