Posted by: opphiucus | January 17, 2008

International Saimoe League

I just got this info that a certain group called the International Saimoe League will make an international version of Saimoe to decide who will become the embodiment of moe itself. There will be 64 contestants and starts next March.

Well, to make things easier, I will copypasta’D the message he sent me:

This coming March, 64 girls will face a new test. For the first time ever, in order to get to the double-elimination tournament, the great names in Saimoe history will have to face each other at least once in a 63-round-robin style league. However, in order to take part in this tournament, a girl must prove herself to be the definition of “moe”.

47 have already earned their way into this tournament via a top 16 finish in a Japan or Korea tournament, and now we await 17 more. Those 17 slots are open to the public for nominations.

We’re talking the best of the best here. 64 girls, 32 matches a day, 6 days a week, each girl proving she’s better than all the others.

The thing is, this is the first time we’re running this. I need your help to spread the word, that the International Saimoe League has begun, and it will be probably the most breathtaking moments of your life.

Here are a few links for more information:

The website hosting the tournament. Polling and nominations are actually linked to another website, but the link is in the Arena tab under the nominations. Feel free to take a look around. It’s still under development, but it should turn out quite nicely.

The forum boards. Just started up. I felt the need to have one. You may join if you wish.

The thread I made at AnimeSuki. Should provide a brief summary of how to do nominations.

Trust me, if Saimoe Japan 2007 was heart stomping enough, you’ll love this tournament. I guarantee it. Now spread the word! Nominations end on February 14, and the first match is the 28th, so prepare for the life-changing moment!

I wish you all the best.

This news of international Saimoe is truly one of the best things I’ve heard this month. The scale is very big and the competition will be very fierce, but there’s one thing I’m worried about. This kind of event will certainly stir up some argument among several fans (*coughanonymousof4chancough*) and I hope it won’t end up as a massive shit storm (*coughsaigarcough*). But this kind of event is necessary to spread the joy of moe throughout the world!

Special thanks to minhtam2448 for sending me this great news!



  1. Yo. That’s fast. Thanks for being the first blog to publish about ISML. ^^

  2. ISML has officially started.

  3. WordPress randomly led me to you. 😛 Hurrah for ISML coverage!

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