Posted by: opphiucus | January 7, 2008

SaiGAR 2008

The serious business SaiMoe parody has finally begun! In case you really missed it last year SaiGAR is a parody contest held by those dudes at 4chan to determine who is the most badass (or just most liked by Anon) anime character of the year. I’m actually quite surprised how they decided to make this contest annually and serious since it was originated from Anon’s ramble about GAR, SaiMoe, and how they should have their own contest. Aside from that, I somehow find some of the contender in this year SaiGAR to be not GAR at all (ignoring /a/’s insanity on deciding which gar and which not). I mean, Makoto Itou? Leeron? Kira Yamato? DANGO? Somehow I can just see how this contest would end up just like last year, being accompanied by flame wars and drama -_-;;

SaiGAR 2008 Official Site 


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