Posted by: opphiucus | January 7, 2008

Hirameki Is Officially Dead

After being stagnant for a long period (AKA unofficially dead), the english visual novel localizer Hirameki is officially dead. According to the statement on their official site on January 2nd 2008 (yeah, a bit OLD’D) Hirameki finally announced they have quit the visual novel business. As some of you might know, Hirameki consists of the cool dudes that brought us the english version of the famous Ever17 and Phantom of Inferno. But just like how many fans have predicted, their business is the kind that won’t last long considering the unpopularity of visual novel in US. Not to mention how most of their games are difficult to get so most of the small numbers of visual novel fan prefer to just download their games from torrent sites.

Hirameki might not be the best visual novel localizer out there but I have to admit their quit from this business is truly a sad news for non-japanese visual novel fans everywhere.



  1. I heard that part of the reason they went out of buisness is because someone hacked their site and posted a bunch of links to download their games illegally. To make things worst, they had no one to moderate their forum at the time, so it took months for them to find out about the attack. By the time, the links had already spreaded on the internet, and it was already too late. They made virtually no money out of their last game, Piece of Wonder, since they were selling it in download edition for about 30$, and people could just download it for free in forums.

  2. a very very very sad news 😦

  3. I also heard quite often that Hirameki has a really bad management team for a company. Piece of Wonder selling method is one of their biggest mistake and it seems that they’re trying very hard to make visual novel accepted by common people in US (which is quite impossible).

  4. This is very sad news indeed, I was quite a fan of their titles, I played almost all of them. Ever 17 was my favorite, this game truly was a masterpiece…

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