Posted by: opphiucus | December 18, 2007

Official Website for Higurashi LA Movie is Up!

Meh, I’m sure I was planning to write a post about Higurashi LA project when it was announced. Unfortunately, I have become so busy lately that I forgot what should I write I’m updating this site :p

Some of you might have known that Higurashi live action movie is being made. Guess what, the official site is ready! There’s even a teaser trailer included in the official site.  I’m not a big fan of Japanese LA movies, but I think i will check this one just because it’s Higurashi. I think the casts are okay except Rena (ugh!). Rika looks cute, Mion looks hot, and Keiichi looks like a brat. What I’m doubting is the acting because we know how many Japanese actors can’t seem to act well. The movie will only cover the first arc of Higurashi, that means it’ll be more like a horror movie.

Let’s just hope this won’t end up like Negima LA series (ugh! again).

Official Site! 


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