Posted by: opphiucus | December 15, 2007

SQDT Announces Expansion Patch for SQ2

SQDT will release the expansion patch for Succubus Quest 2. The expansion patch is titled Succubus Quest: Shiro No Shisho To Irozuku Mamono (White History Book and Colored Demon) or just called SQ2EX. According to the official site, SQ2EX will feature new story, new battles, new dungeons, new bookshelf system, and new characters. Although looking from the screenshot, the main character is still Ayxect.

SQ2EX will focus more on Est’s younger sister, Stella (who is not loli anymore judging from the official art). The story takes place in the kingdom of Fairy Tale called Ramielle. The new battle system seems to be mixing a bit of tactic with traditional SQ sex battle, although I have no idea how it will ended up like. And judging from the screenshot, the bookshelf system is also getting more complicated than SQ2.

However there’s one thing that is totally different than SQ2. That is the fact that this game is not free for download. The official site stated that it will be priced 500 yen at Comiket and 1000 yen in stores. It’s also released on the final day of Comiket, December 31st. Although I can’t blame them for giving price to this product (heck, it’s a natural thing to do) but I’m sure it will be very disappointing if many players won’t be able to get hold of this game. Of course there might be a little hope of torrent download, but make sure you can support the maker as much as you can :p

SQ2EX might become another reason to regret my unavailability to attend this winter Comiket ;_;



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