Posted by: opphiucus | December 1, 2007

Fate/ Zero vol. 4 Release Date

Nitro+ announced the final volume of F/SN’s prequel novel, Fate/ Zero. It will be released on December 29 in Winter Comiket. While I’m planning to go to Japan again for Christmas holiday, I’m not sure if I can attend Comiket this winter so I have to ask my friend to get me one T_T.

Vol 4 of F/Z will be 480 pages thick and priced 1400 yen. The cover will feature both Kotomine and Kiritsugu ready for their final battle with the premature grail and the fire of Fuyuki in the background. It also features Saber looking all bloody and worried with the mysterious and menacing Berserker ready to attack her from behind. Honestly, this the most badass looking Takeuchi’s art I’ve ever seen. I just can’t wait to get my hand on this.

Not just the novel, Nitro+ will also release a soundtrack (RETURN TO ZERO) of the novel! It will feature music sung by Itou Kanako as well as some voices of the characters from the novel. I’m expecting there will be some kind of audio drama session or something. It will also be released on the same day as the novel and priced 2625 yen. The cover features the three main characters, Kiritsugu, Iris, and Saber. As a big fan of Nitro+’s music, I have a high expectation on the soundtrack and it will make a good company when reading the novel.


The cover of the novel which is very BADASS!

The cover of the OST

Official Site


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