Posted by: opphiucus | November 3, 2007

Melty Blood Actress Again

If you’re thinking that MB has entered a standstill phase where new game only means new costume, new stages, and several updates than luckily you’re wrong. For Ecole has announced a new sequel to this awesome fighting game, Actress Again.

According to Tougeki Damashi magazine, Actress Again will take place before the first MB but considering the nature of the MB series it’s possible that it might take place in combined time frame (before, during, and after MB). But what hypes me the most is two new adition to the casts. It has been confirmed there are two new playable characters. They’re… (DUN DUN DUNNN!) Riesbeyfe Stridtberg and… (drumrolls) Michael Roa Valdamjong! Ries is Sion’s friend who died during her hunt for the vampire TATARI. She’s a knight and uses a combination of machine gun and shield as her weapon. She made a cameo in MB every time you use Sion’s last arc. Perhaps Ecole finally decided to make use of her sprites :p. Roa is the main antagonist of Tsukihime. He was the numberless DAA with the ability of reincarnation. According to rumor Type-Moon has been holding back on bringing Roa to MB for various reasons but he has finally joined the casts. Congratulation Roa!

Several characters made their comeback but this time with new artwork and new movelists! Nero has his new bull air attack and Kishima has a new flaming double punch. But that’s not all! Each characters now have more than one fighting style. There are three fighting styles to use. For example: The Crescent Moon Style emphasizes more on defense and evasion. That means although your opponent is using the same character doesn’t mean that they’re two of the same! It’s also been confirmed that NECOARC will be also playable from the start!

Judging from screenshot in the magazine scans, the little bar below health bar from the original MB made its comeback. That means you can’t just turtle in the corner waiting for your opponent to get tired. If you got hit too much when you’re blocking, your defense will be destroyed and it’ll take some time to recover. There’s still no information of the available modes but Actress Again will be released in arcade (that means I have to fly to Japan if I ever want to play this awesome game ;_;).

Actress Again seems to be very promising especially for a fighting game fan like me. I’m very confident that these new features will help MB becoming one of the legendary fighting games out there.


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