Posted by: opphiucus | November 3, 2007

Furude Rika Won Saimoe 2007

For hardcore otakus, Saimoe might not be a foreign word but I have to explain this to the mainstream. It’s basically a yearly massive poll to determine who’s the most moe character among them. It’s so massive that more than a hundred characters were nominated to become the queen of moe. The poll is oriented towards Japanese otaku but it’s also opened to people outside Japan. 4chan created the spinoff of this poll called SaiGAR last year. Instead of voting for moe characters they vote for manly badass males instead.

2007 Saime was won by Furude Rika from Higurashi series. What funny is the fact that most of her voters are 4chan’s Anonymous AKA non-Japanese people. The result of the poll is as follow:

Character: Foreign/Japan/Total
Nagi: 291/1208/1499
Rika: 435/1086/1521

Rika beat her opponent, Sanzenin Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku, by a very close margin. Rika’s victory might bring an ominous future for us, international Saimoe voters. There might be a possibility that Saimoe will block international voters from next year onward. Let’s just hope that it won’t happen.


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