Posted by: opphiucus | October 23, 2007

Nitro Royale

Holy disappointment, Batman! This game made its way into my list of top ten disappointment from last Comiket. It’s something I didn’t expect since I was a fan of Nitro+ and I really put so much faith in them. As you might know, Nitro Royale is a 2D fighting game by Nitro+ featuring their characters. As a die-hard fan (and expectation of kicking butt with Henri and Anna) I was so happy when I got this game. But it turned out bad.

Well, since this is a review I will list all the good stuffs first. This game is basically a fanservice of Nitro+ fans. You can play as the heroines from their games completely voice acted. It also features Fate/Zero Saber as a hidden character. The BGM is also very nice since most of them are remixes of the well-known Nitro+ music (I love their game soundtracks). The gameplay is a typical of fighting game. There’s a parry button which you can use to counter opponent’s move and there are two kinds of special. The first one is a normal special you can execute with button combination and the second one is called Leap Attack. It’s basically a tag team attack where the heroine summons her partner (or other character) to attack opponent.

Now this is where the fun begins! Yes, it’s time to mention this game’s flaws. First and foremost, this game has very ugly sprites. They’re just awful that the first release of Melty Blood might look like a Godsend. Second is the lack of modes. There are only arcade, versus, and survival mode. The lack of training mode is really annoying for me. The characters are also unbalanced that it’s not even funny. Tao Lo has his Palm of Purple Thunder (of doom) which can catch you anytime making it the most broken move I’ve ever seen in a fighting game. Ignis also has a broken aerial attack that can assure your victory easily. What also annoys me is how Nitro+ promised this game to be all-heroines while you actually control Tao Lo in place for Rui Li. I know that she can fight but still you can’t have an all-heroine game with a playable male character in it. There are also other flaws, but these are what I consider as major.

Basically this game is a major disappointment. This one is even a bigger disappointment than Fate/Sword Dance. F/SD was a doujin game made by fans, but Nitro Royale is a comercial game made by an actual company. It’s made by Nitro+ for god’s sake! Then again, everything has its own flaws and I’m sure this game is Nitro+ flaw. Let’s just hope that they will fix this game up or even better making a fighting game featuring the characters from their games and not heroines exclusive (because I don’t mind breaking people’s neck as Romeo).

No pics this time cuz I’m not using my usual computer but here’s the official site.



  1. I think you said in this review just what I was thinking regarding the game. This game is a good fanservice for HARDCORE nitroplus fans.
    I t doesn’t have any replay value once you unlocked all the characters and the sprites really sucks.

    BUT, the ost is really really good and the scenes between fights are kinda unique for a conmpany like nitroplus.

    Yes, I was really disappointed with this game since it was pre-hyped big time. Well, we can always hope for a 2nd version, desho?

    I gave it 7.5/10 as nitro fan. I guess that if I didn’t play those games my rank would be way lower.

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