Posted by: opphiucus | September 29, 2007

Suzumiya Haruhi no Chourantou

Another fun doujin game from the last Comiket. It features none other than Suzumiya Haruhi herself! So if you want to see Suzumiya Haruhi hits the rest of the casts with harisen (I know I want to) then this is the perfect game for you!

Chourantou is a 3-D fighting game with above average quality. I think it’s quite good for a doujin game. This game features a tag team battle and six playable characters with one secret character. The gameplay is quite simple. You can hit, defend, and pick up items to use them as your weapon. There are also two unique special attacks for each character and your character can get into some kind of hyper mode by filling the energy bar. What makes it cool is how your character changes his/her outfit by entering the hyper mode. Haruhi will be in her bunny suit, Mikuru in her maid suit, and Itsuki… without shirt (I know that guy is a faggot!). There are several modes in this game. The story mode, free play, versus, and even a net play!

Now onto the details. The music is kinda nice but the fact that there’s no voice in the game kinda irks me. I can understand since it’s just a doujin game, but this game will be MUCH better if it has voice in it. The graphic is good and smooth. just like I said earlier, it looks good for a doujin game. The chibi characters are also cute. The control is nice but the camera can be quite bothersome. The camera scrolls very slowly and it can become a trouble if your enemy attacks you from your blind spot. The difficulty is balanced but I can tell the AI cheats in this game. Every time I open a tresure box, the content is always a trap but the enemies can always get nice items from the treasure box. Something is definitely wrong here!

Overall, Chourantou is average as a game but pretty good as a doujin game. It’s very entertaining and can be quite challenging. The story mode is also nice although much left to be desired. Well, I’m here hoping that the circle will release a new patch in the next Comiket. Until then, I will entertain myself by watching Haruhi beating Itsuki to crap with her twister.

ZOMG pics!



  1. could you please email the link of this haruhi suzumiya game into my mail? please, i’m a fan of this anime and i want to play this game… thank you

  2. You can download it from here –>

    • “no such file” the page says when i click the link…where can i get this game?

  3. I don’t think there’s a netplay, I can’t understand japanese but it is always inaccessible, and in Gekitou, the network menu is gone!

    There’s actually a trick to open the treasure box. Out of the 3-4 boxes, I think only one of them drops item. And once a box is opened, a new one is spawned immediately.
    Be aware of the new spawned box every time you open one. The newly-spawn box will definitely have the same trait as the one you open. So once you found a box which drops item (types of item dropped are random), keep on finding & opening the newly-spawned box until you’re satisfied.

    But I normally don’t bother opening box in the 2 vs 4 situation, the situation is a mess and staying alive is the ultimate goal.

  4. I just started playing as Asakura-san and I can’t help but be annoyed at how I always see Itsuki-kun without his shirt on… I know he’s gay, but I think that’s too much.
    Anyway, there’s a technique I learned when I was fighting against Kyon and Itsuki (Nice pair, eh?). Take notice that at the beginning of the game, there’s a time when every AI are immobile. Use that time to get behind one of them and strike!
    Oh, and another. The way the characters’ special moves are made are to compliment their own character/weapon. Asakura-san is strictly melee with an exception to her throwing three knives. Nagato-san spellcasts, etc. I hope you’ll be able to think of some techniques with this obvious info. If you do, then please tell me!

  5. I agree, and it would be good if someone could translate it. I have absolutely no idea of what’s going on, and I’m curious!

    But I have fun playing it, even though I’m only good at Hiragana.

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