Posted by: opphiucus | September 19, 2007

Nice Boat

Okay… I’m not the kind of guy who loves making anime reviews (there are many better people out there for reviewing anime), but I just can’t let this one go. Some of you must’ve guessed it. Yes… I’m talking about Nice Boat.

Trust me. This show is nice.

In case you’ve been to 4chan 2 seconds ago, or checked School Days article on Wikipedia you must’ve realized what I’m talking about. Due to some brutal murder case involving a teen girl, an axe, and her father, Kanagawa TV has decided not to air School Days episode 12 (followed by various TV networks). BUT DON’T FEAR! For Kanagawa TV has given us a relaxing show about a very nice boat accompanied with a nice scenery. The music is nice, the atmosphere is nice, everything is nice in this show.

Back to School Days ep 12, it seems our only hope for enjoying the last episode is by waiting the DVD release. I heard rumors that the last ep was supposed to be violent even the producers have tried their best to air it including censoring the blood to black. But alas, we got a nice show about a nice boat instead.

Niko Video Link 1
Niko Video Link 2


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