Posted by: opphiucus | September 15, 2007

Bloodshed Jango- A Bounty from Hell

The new game from Nitroplus and written by the legendary Urobuchi Gen. I have a mixed up feeling about this game. At one point, I like this game very much! It’s very rare nowadays to see a Japanese game (especially a visual novel/ erogame) based on the wild west culture. But on the other hand, this game left me with desire to want more! I just know that Urobuchi Gen can do more than this. It’s not that the game is bad or anything, but it’s just not as memorable as Kikokugai or Demonbane. Still, I have to say this game is very fun and it’s not a mistake for me to spend my days in japan playing this game :p

Janggo tells the story about a planet on the edge of galaxy where outlaws gather and law is as scarce as chicken teeth. The desert planet where bandits rule the street and rape is… very common (hey! This is an erogame! What do you expect?). There are three main characters in Janggo and all of them are females. What makes it surprising is the lack of male lead. Yes, yes… blasphemy, herecy, etc etc. But I think it’s quite a nice turn for an erogame to have female as the lead and not always some dude with strange appeal towards women. You can follow the story about Black Franco, a bandit ready for an adventure, or Lady Anonymous, a mysterious nameless woman roaming the desert for unknown reason. Or perhaps you’re interested in Lily Salvatana? A hot bounty hunter with her loli indian sidekick. The three women will offer you an exciting wild west adventure accompanied with some fanservice.

I have a unique liking towards this game. For some reason I can’t stop wondering if Urobuchi just watched a wilde west movie and he was so fond of it. Everything in this game was made in a wild west feel. The OP will remind you of your classic western movie. The menu is very similiar to DVD menu on western movie DVDs. Even the game screen is made wide so it gives you a similiar feeling to that of watching a movie in cinema. I must say I really like all the western feelin in Janggo. But not only the feeling, but also the story. If you’re a fan of typical western story, full of guns, horse chase, duel, and gunslinger babes then this is the game for you. I love to call this game, your typical western movie plus H-scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE western movies and I love erogame. So this game is a massive LOVE for me. The music is also nice. The OP is a bit funny to my ear for some unknown reason but overall this game music will take you the that wild west feeling. And the graphic… well, nothing much to say about the graphic. If you know Demonbane perhaps you’re familiar with the art style. Most of the cgs are about gunfight so I can’t say much about them. Now about the H-scenes… It’s quite surprising but this game is full of /d/ material. If you want to play this game, you must be ready for some gangbang, tentacles, and some weird sex with aliens. To be honest, I’m not too fond of the H-scenes (which is a bit ironic since I love Carnevale’s H-scenes).

Overall this is a good game. But as a Urobuchi Gen fan, I have to say that he can do much much better. I don’t know if it’s just me being spoiled and wanting more of Janggo but I think the game needs to be a bit longer. But that’s just me. Despite not being completely satisfied, I can say I love this game.

Some pics won’t do any harm…

 Franco, 0.05 seconds from kicking your ass

Every anonymous' dream woman.

Gun + Babes = WIN!

Things are going to get messy!

Women you don't want to mess up with.

Official site


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