Posted by: opphiucus | August 25, 2007

Succubus Quest 2

One of my most anticipated doujin game of 2007! Although it’s kinda low-budget and mostly based on level-grinding, somehow I got hooked on the first game and I was very happy when when SQ2 was announced. To be honest, this is one of H-RPG that I’m more excited in the gameplay than the H part (the H part is just too… minimum). But the best thing about SQ2 is that it’s FREE! Yes, you read it right! FREE! It seems that SQDT suffered some problem during the making and the made it up by making this game free. Although you can purchase a special package consists of SQ manga and the game for 500 yen at previous Comiket or Toranoana. It’s a pity that I didn’t know SQDT had a booth during Comiket so I missed the manga 😦

The storyline is not directlyconnected to SQ but several characters made their reappearance in SQ2 like Est Norn and Stona. SQ2 tells the story of Ayxzect, the head librarian of Gruppen Castle. Ayxzect once a pimp an energetic young man in his past but he’s just a feeble old man now. He once had a woman he loved named Thafy but for some reasons those precious days he spent with her is nothing but sweet memories now. One day his assisstant, Meruya, told him to rearrange the books in Gruppen library. During his work, he stumbled unto the Book of Nightmare where he awoken the succubus, Est Norn. Est Norn restored his condition to his prime pimp young self but the cost is he was trapped within the World of Night (that messed up world from SQ). The problem is the World of Night is currently divided into several grimoires and Ayxzect must find his way out from World of Night by collecting the grimoires. The surprise didn’t end there because Ayxzect met someone he though he wouldn’t met again in the World of Night. He saw his own self walking along with Thafy. What did Est want by trapping Ayxzect in the World of Night? Can Ayxzect see his sweetheart again?

For the players of previous SQ series, you might find the game system very similiar but there are also few changes here and there. The most obvious one is Reality Point system. Now, every time you enter a dungeon, you will get a set of Reality Point (RP). Your RP will continues to deplete from 100 to zero and if you don’t have enough RP then it’s game over. However RP is not just your typical countdown system but it can also save your life. Now you don’t automatically get game over if your EP turned to zero but your RP will depletes as the your opponent delivers you the final “blow”. If you have enough status (I haven’t checked the factor that decided this) you can restore your EP and Tension back so you can continue the battle. This is very nice considering how difficult SQ battles are. The new addition is also the bookshelf system. Just like the story suggests, dungeons are divided into grimoires. To enter a dungeon first you must collect the necesary grimoires. The good thing is you can set which succubi you want to put inside the dungeon. There are three types of grimoires. The dungeon grimoire, succubi grimoire, and bonus grimoire. Once you set up the dungeon you can combine it with the types of succubi you want to put inside the dungeon and what bonus for the dungeon (e.g: more item). There’s also a wish system which I haven’t figured out how to use it. And this time you can have more partners (SQ only has two partners, Rovissa and Olivia).

I have a mixed up feeling for this game. Let me tell you, I REALLY like SQ2 but there are things which disappoint me. One, many enemies have the same sprite as their SQ counterpart like werewolf and the lizardman. Two, the battle hasn’t changed much but the sweet talk system is more difficult and confusing this time. Three, item storage. Seriously, why do most RPGs have to limit the numbers of item you can carry? And the worse thing is how this game tends to slow down at random moments (though I don’t know if it’s my PC being sucky or the game’s fault). But this game is definitely a major improvement from SQ. The characters are much more likable (Ayxzect is more interesting than the one-dimensional Lars), the bookshelf and RP systems are great, and there are more than just two pictures for each succubi (even some sucubi have six pictures!).

SQ2 is a fun game. There are flaws here and there but as a doujin game fan I can say that SQDT really put their effort into this game. Now if you excuse me I have a holy mission to fuck up defeat those succubi for greater good!


The many faces of Ayxzect

Those imps finally grew up into fine succubi

Bookshelf is SERIOUS BUSINESS in this game!

SQ2 official site
Download the game here!



  1. While the first SQ was more of a traditional RPG (albeit a linear one). The second one seems to take on a more dungeon-crawling rogue-like aspect. You have limited inventory, you have to bump into succubi for battle (as opposed to random encounters), and now there are traps in treasure chests (which, sadly, you cannot disarm).

  2. The ‘no random encounter’ part was kinda useless though. I think there’s a flaw in the script that you can get into battle by passing enemies (one tile apart). It doesn’t always happen but it happens often. The traps are also pain in the ass but I think it’s a good addition since it makes the game more challenging. I’m also a bit disappointed that SQ2 has less boss and dungeon than SQ

  3. Hey i was wondering how do u install the file??i downloaded the file but when i execute it is says error”RGSS103J” could not be found….any ideas?and does the same installing method is needed for the succubus quest battle sex??

  4. SQ2 looks promising, and your review made it sound even better. I did enjoy the original SQ. Very challenging for an H-RPG…or RPGs in general (especially nowadays).

    However, one thing that bugs me is that I cannot read Japanese. At all. I’ve tried to learn the language, but…like Spanish, I don’t pick up on the specifics as well as I should be able to. Playing SQ without any real knowledge of what was really going on (though I could make some educated guesses) kind of bugged me. I felt as though I missed a very, very interesting story.

    Also, on a semi-related note, have you gone into the Extra Dungeon in SQ1? Does SQ2 have a version of said dungeon? I can’t seem to be able to beat the boss that are the whipping police(?). It’s getting kind of frustrating and I would like to get a 100% Encounter/Mood MAX rate in the game.

  5. You need the RTP 103 for RPG Maker XP

  6. Or you can just follow what I did. I copypaste’D the RTP from SQ1 to SQ2 folder and rename it to RGSS103J. Surprisingly it works fine :p

  7. Hey excuse me can you give me the link to dl this game pls

  8. nevermind i saw it =/

  9. Btw is there an english version of this it’d be hard to play
    in japanese

  10. I have a question x3

    could someone please tell me what to do to get to the end of the first game? I am stuck in the land of night 2, and I am going insane trying to figure it out, all there is is a big beach, some trees, water and some blue stones that I don’t know what they are for x3

    one says something and 5 and I am curious if anyone can help me ^^:

  11. The shellfish says to go 5 paces north from it. Actually if you are standing at its north, that means go 4 paces north. Then go straight east, navigating around any trees.

  12. I did’t know if this is the right place but….
    I don’t know what to do in the frist SQ. I’am at the dodichi tower and i’am arount 14, 15 level… i take all the box and i’m at the 6 floor. NOW?!
    Probably there is some trick with the statute… but i can’t interact with them.

    Some help?!
    if it’s possible can i have a mail of someone who have finsich it so i can ask directly to him. TNX

  13. Sorry 😛
    I have not see that there is a passage behind the stairs.

    In the next day i will attach the 3 arpie… some advice? (i’m liv 17)

  14. I’m having problems with the game; It wont show text when the characters are talking and it freezes in the middle of battles.

    Any suggestions?

  15. >>Sup_Dood

    I imagine you’re using Windows Vista? I had this problem to – there’s a fix for this described on the Succubus Quest official site, but obviously it’s in Japanese.

    This is what you have to do (it’s actually pretty easy):

    Open up the Game.ini file. You should see this line:


    Change the 2 to a 3, making it.


    If you have the latest version of the XP RTP pack (1.03) this should fix the problem (it did for me). Enjoy the game.

  16. the text in my game doesn’t show. i already have 1.03 XP RTP i think and the RGSS103J.dll was unchanged.
    how do i fix this

  17. I also have the same problems with the game. Characters not displaying and freezing during battles. On a different computer (which I don’t have anymore) the aforementioned Library=RGSS103J.dll did allow the game to run after I made other changes (such as installing the correct language packs.)

    On this computer however, I have version 103, i have changed the .dll file name, I have installed all the appropriate language packs, and I have even shifted regional settings to Japanese.

    It still freezes in the middle of battle.

    P.S. I use Windows XP.

  18. yea same here i dont have full game only trail but i use XP & only main chara’s pic shows but no text, or other pics show up

  19. Hi, can you play succubus quest 2 on windows 2000? If not, perhaps the first version?

  20. Hi, I have windows xp home edition. I tried all of the suggestions above (updates, etc), but whenever I try to play any version of Succubus Quest, it gives me the error message, “”invalid access to memory location” and shuts down. Any ideas? Thanks.

  21. Sorry but how do you download the Succubus quest 2nd I can answer. thanks.

  22. the my email this

  23. thennk you

  24. hi, I’ve been playing succubus quest 2 for a while now… it’s pretty fun, but every once in a while my level goes down, and my partners forget the new moves they learned at level 10.
    just now I went down from level 11 to 9. Is there any way to fix this?

  25. i had the same problem and I notice that this is because of the cat white the grey fur which run away after 2 spell she can drop your level or tour skill you should avoid them in dungeon

    also i’m looking for the walkthrough i’m trying to do one but i get stuck right after the boss that you beat as a girl

  26. Hi, I just installed the game and am experiencing similar problems as mention before ie. game freezing and text not showing is there any one who solved it ?

    P.S : I use windows XP, RTP is 103 and Library=RGSS103J.dll in the Game file


  27. Alright so… I installed the game, got the RTP and changed the things so that the game.ini file says Library=RGSS103J.dll

    I’m using vista, so this should work now. BUT I already got 2 problems with it.

    1: The text wont show.
    2: The battle system freezes on its own all the time.

    Its most likely the same problem as everyone else has, and I’m sorry if I’m annoying you with it.

    I would really appretiate it though if someone could give me a solution.

    Also I suggest that since alot of peopple (including me) are having this problem, you should put it up there for everyone to see.

  28. I’m having similar problems: text not showing and battles freezing. I use XP and have done the things recommended above, and I’d be very grateful if someone found a way o fix those problems.

  29. I have the same problem, i have installed all and I have renamed RGSS103J.dll but I start the game and the first battle with the Succubus freezing in the 2. Round when she atacks me. And there is no text shown. I use Win7 could someone help me?

  30. I like what you guys are up too. Such intelligent work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I¡¦ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my web site 🙂

  31. i’m having that same problem: all it shows is that heart symbol, the abbreviations, example: (RP)(TP), and the battle commands EX: wish,item. i use XP, xp_rtp103.exe and
    in the game file

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