Posted by: opphiucus | August 16, 2007

Prelude to Battle

Despite the romantic title, I’m not planning to write a novel or something here. In fact I want to report of what just happened to me since the last few days. In case you’re wondering, I haven’t updated this blog for weeks is not because I have abandoned it or something but it’s because I’m currently in Japan staying in my friend’s house. After days of playing erogames finally I have the time back to update my blog.

If you follow the development of Japanese otaku world, you must’ve realized that Comiket is on the way. It’s about half an hour till midnight here in Japan and several hours until the opening of Comiket 72. This is the main reason why I visited Japan besides the fact that I’m trying to make my vacation as memorable as ever. To be honest, I’m still not ready for this summer Comiket since I haven’t finished the games I bought from July 27 releases. So far I have only finished Bloodshed Jango and halfway through Little Busters and Bullet Butlers.

I have decided to buy more doujins this Comiket but there are two items on my ‘must-buy’ list. The first one is the new released Type-Moon voice drama cd featuring characters from Tsukhime, Fate, and Rakkyo (it even has its own section dedicated to Jouji Nakata!) and the second one is Nitroplus’ new fighting game, Nitro Royale.

So once again I must apologize to those who are expecting update or more erogames review since once again I will be occupied with more games to play and doujins to fap. But I’m planning to write Bloodshed Jango review not long from now (I hope…)

Comiket Official Site

Nitro Royale Official Site

Type-Moon goods for Comiket 72


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