Posted by: opphiucus | August 1, 2007

Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug that Makes You Dream

Finally I got the time to finish this erogame I bought since ages ago. My first impression was… wow. Not in F/SN or Ever17 ‘wow!’ but just ‘wow…’ Well I don’t even expect much from the beginning but I think I’m quite amused by this game.

Game cover

The story tells about a boy named Kouhei. He’s a normal high school student (it just can’t get more cliche than this). He also has this strange condition where he can the sound of train when he’s not doing anything. The story tells the story of Kouhei and how he encountered three girls with three different problems of their own. Of course it’s the kind kind of encounter that will change his life.

The storyline is typical of high school romance story so I didn’t expect much in the beginning. But what makes this game special is probably the topic it uses. YMK focuses on the problem faced by modern teenage culture today which is quite surprising since it’s rarely picked by most high school story writers. The game focuses on three subjects: bullies, metrosexual relationship, and drugs. Each problem can be explored from the three routes. As Kouhei, you can help Aeka with her bullying problem, or hang out with Mizuki the popular girl on school, or help Nekoko find her fairy kingdom. However I find Nekoko’s and Mizuki’s routes quite boring. To be honest, I think the only route that is worth-playing is Aeka’s route. But that’s just my opinion.

The music is nothing special. No memorable track for me from this game. But I like the artwork though. Kiyotaka Haimura’s style is quite unique and gives me a unique impression about YMK. I also like Romeo Tanaka’s writing style. It’s quite humorous and amusing but simple enough to keep me focused. But I find his writing style quite boring in Mizuki’s route.

Overall this game is just good. I’m amused playing it but that’s just it. The characters are cute and hot but not memorable for me. I recommend playing it if you have time but to those who expect extravagant sory, I don’t think you’ll like it.



problematic relationship



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