Posted by: opphiucus | July 28, 2007

Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver. B

First and foremost, I apologize for the lack of update lately because I’m too busy with the stuffs I ordered from Japan (doujin game, erogame,manga, etc). And there are still many games I haven’t played yet so I’ll be ‘busy’ for days to come.

Now putting that aside, July 27 has passed and the first awesome product that reached my hand this morning is MBAC ver. B. This game is totally awesome and if you’ve already played the Melty Blood games, this one will be a new experience for you!

MBAC ver. B is a PC port from the PS2 MBAC with more extras (which makes the PS2 version quite useless :P). There’s no significant change in the gameplay, however this game offer six new characters and new stages as well as some omake and a tag team mode. Here are the new stuffs I found from my first playthrough:

-6 new characters! They are Aozaki Aoko, Kouma Kishima, NECOARC, NECOARC Chaos, NecoChaosBlack666 and White Ren. BTW when I said 5 new characters that means compared to the MBR. And NECOARC Chaos is not unlockable from the beginning so you must finish the arcade mode with all characters first. Oh, and I still don’t know how use NecoChaosBlack666 for normal game.

-4 player tag team battle! When I first tested it was quite messy that I ended up not knowing what’s going on. But it’s very fun! The control is also more organized since you only need to use down down D to change character.

-An omake option filled with funny voice clips you can use as your Windows system voice!

-A mode where you can test how good you are playing this game by fighting NecoChaosBlack666 (similiar to Giant Attack Mode in MBR).

-And some other stuffs I haven’t checked yet…

Anyway, I must say this game is very very fun. If you’re a newcomer to MB series or a veteran MB players, this game is an absolute must play! I guarantee it!

Pics time!

Playable White Ren!

New modes!

Looking kinda cool there, Chaos!

Kohaku! What have you done!?


Tsundere White Ren is massive win!


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