Posted by: opphiucus | July 21, 2007

Lucky Suto~ Lucky Star Troopers

The new and first doujin game of Lucky Star. It was released on June 17th by the doujin group Gatling Cat. One of the staff is an ex-member of Rapid Fire, the group that brought us the craptastic Fate/Sword Dance (if you’re wondering what happened to them, they changed their name to NRF and brought us the wintastic Big Bang Beat. Yeah, irony). It’s a platformer game with a touch of hack n’ slash. Although I already have a copy of the game on my hand, my PC is low on memory so I can’t test it yet. Hopefully I can install it as fast as possible so I can write more about the system. Anyway, according to its creator it’s a game to those who like Kyoto Animation, fighting game, and jokes.

Some screenshots:

Those gaijins are harassing Konata-chan!NOOOO!!! SHIRAISHI!

Bonta-kun? In my Lucky Star game!?

Cover art

Official site:



  1. Any clue where to download it? 😀
    a link would’be very welcomed 😛

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