Posted by: opphiucus | July 19, 2007

My Balls

Yes, that’s a manga title. Yes, it’s THAT exploitable. Putting those aside, this is a manga to those who love ecchi stuffs. When someone recommended me this manga, I thought it was only as ecchi as Love Hina but alas, I was very very wrong. To put it simply, it’s just one step from being an H-manga.

Chapter cover starring Elyse.

My Balls (I love the title) tells the story of Satou Kohta. A virgin single masochist with desperate life. One day, he went home drunk and realized he has to pee along the way. Unfortunately he urinated in front of a battle between an angel a demon queen. Worse than that is he urinated directly unto an orb that was supposed to be used by the angel to seal the demon queen. This accident forced the angel to seal the demon queen into Kohta’s… testicles. According to the angel, Kohta just needs to hold the demon queen inside his balls for a month. But that means no masturbation for poor Kohta.

Keep in mind that the fate of mankind lies in his... balls.

Enter Elyse, a lesser demon and servant of the demon queen Lady Emmaniel. She wants to release the demon queen from Kohta’s balls because in demon’s beliefs, earth was supposed to be demons’ territory. Her mission is simple, make Kohta ejaculates and Emmaniel will be released along with his cement. The problem is Elyse never encounters male genitalia before and her first experience witnessing such majestic view really terrified her. Unable to make him ejaculate directly, Elyse was forced to live along with Kohta and she must make Kohta ejaculates no matter what the cost is.

I have to keep this place worksafe!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, this manga is only one step away from being a hentai manga. Not only the awesome title, the ecchiness is even on the awesome level. Truly not something you should read in front of people. Despite the massive ecchiness, My Balls (I REALLY love the title) doesn’t offer much besides sex humor and tons of eye-candy. No drama, no depths in storyline just stuffs that will tease your ‘little buddy’. Although there are intense moments where Kohta nearly ejaculates but the real turn-on point of this manga is the massive fanservice. Oh, and don’t forget how awesome the title is.


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