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I have to tell you, when the game reached my hand I nearly died from happiness. No, I’m not exaggarating it (well, maybe a bit :p) but I’ve been looking for this game since ages and I nearly gave up when I finally saw a copy lying in a corner of PC store. I snatched it without letting a second to pass right after I’ve seen it and my decision to buy this game was proven to be correct. I must say that this game suddenly jumped up to my favorite visual novel after I finished it.

Promotional poster (clockwise from top: Coco, Sora, Tsugumi, Sara, and You)

The story takes place in an underwater theme park named LeMU where suddenly an accident happened and six people are trapped inside it. There’s no way to escape from there. All the elevators and emergency staircases were closed and not functioning. Swimming is a suicide because LeMU was located deeper than 100 feet under the sea. There are no submarines because all of them are already deployed. And communication to the outside world was cut off. Without any hope of getting out from there, the 6 people must strive to survive and at the same time a special kind of bond began to grow between them. But why is the Life Censor screen shows that there are 7 people in LeMU?

The digital model of LeMU. If the game is correct then we can visit it in 2017

The game was localized by Hirameki (you rock, guys!) and just like their other games, Hirameki cut out the H-part so you can play it anywhere anytime without having to be afraid to be called a pervert. But I have one major problem with the localization. Nope, it’s not because they cut off the H-parts. It’s because the typos are driving me insane! Seriously, there are more typos in this game than Indonesian kids that joined Friendster (that’s a lot!) and some of them are in the vital parts of the game which can confuse you if you don’t pay attention. But don’t let the typos let you down! There are more from this game you can enjoy!

Yes, this game has two main characters. Yes, it's a bit unnatural for a visual novel.

Besides the story, I also like the music. The opening is LeMU~ Harukana Lemuria Tairiku sang by KAORI and it’s one of the best visual novel OP I’ve ever heard. The tracks from the game are also good and fit the atmospehere really well. My favorite track is Karma. About the graphics… It’s nothing special and it doesn’t use extravagant cg technique like F/SN or Carnevale but it’s good in its own way. Let me tell you, this game is really dominated by the color blue! Maybe so the player can experience more underwater-ish when playing the game. Hirameki release also offers you several bonuses like wallpaper and system voice.

Cabbage? In my visual novel?

I must say that I’m a bit late playing this game but I must say that it’s better be late than never for Ever17. Because it became an unforgettable experience for me. I have to say, prepare to be confused but once you realized the grand view of the story you will realize that it’s the biggest WTF moment of your life.



  1. You sir, just got my attention.

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for this blog.

  2. Thank you!

  3. This game is awesome. The WTF moment plays with your perception. Early on, you hear two sides of the same conversation- So you assume that it’s happening at the same time, and you’re still talking to the same person, right? Wrong.

  4. They didn’t cut out the H-Parts…

    …it had none in the first place.

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