Posted by: opphiucus | June 23, 2007

Doujin Work

From the dude that brought us “A CAT IS FINE TOO”, comes a funny slice-of-life manga about the awesome people who work in the doujin world. If you like Comic Party or light-hearted comedy like Azumanga Daioh, you will like this manga.

Front Cover

Hiroyuki is not a strange name if you’re a doujin fan. He brought us loltastic Type-Moon doujins like Love Love Senpai 120% and Platonic Magician. This guy alone has made many 4chan memes than any other doujin author. So it’s not a strange thing that I expected quality humor when I got his published manga.

The best way to wake someone...

The story is pretty simple, it’s about a high-schooler named Najimi who got interested in doujin business after she realized from her childhood buddy and her classmate told her that they can make money from the business. Blind about the doujin world, she decided to enter the Doujin Market (a parody of Comic Market). Thus begin her journey to make a massive doujin enterprise with one fetish she excels most… masochism.

I’ve been a fan of Hiroyuki since I saw his “A CAT IS FINE TOO” but honestly I’ve never expected him to release a manga. For some readers, his style might be a bit odd with the exaggarated facial expression or his ‘calm perversion’ expression. I have to admit he doesn’t have the best art style compared to other doujin artists, but this man actually focuses more into the comedy and the expression. Even if you don’t know what serie he’s parodizing, you can get so much lol from reading his works. The same thing can still be applied to Doujin Work, though his art has improved this time. I can guarantee that Doujin Work might become an entertaining read if you’re a comedy fan.

Your typical Hiroyuki's joke

And here’s a great news! Doujin Work is goint to be animated this summer! The art style is a bit different from Hiroyuki’s (only Justice managed to stay the same) so it will take time for me to adapt. I’m here hoping that the anime can capture Hiroyuki’s unique style of expression and still as funny as the original manga. We know how animes tend to fail when compared to the original form but I still have hope that this anime might turned up to be as enjoyable as the manga.

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