Posted by: opphiucus | June 4, 2007

Erotical Night AKA Blatant Succubus Quest Ripoff

If you’re a fan of ero flash game then you must know the name of e-ohkoku. Yes, they’re the guys that made some quality ero flash game like Akina. So, recently they just released a new game titled Erotical Night. It was only 60 MB so I decided to grab it. And suddenly I felt like deja vu all over again…

She's supposed to be the Est Norm of this game, only less awesome

It’s like the carbon copy of SQDT’s Succubus Quest, an H-RPG made from RMXP. The concept is the same and as well as several enemies. Although e-ohkoku emphasizes more on the H part while SQDT really made an RPG back then (a very hard one too). Despite the unoriginality, I must praise e-ohkoku for doing what SQDT couldn’t do. Basically they just made the game “more” fun. Just as I stated earlier, Erotical Night is more like an erogame so what makes this game fun is the gameplay. For you erogame fans out there, Erotical Night provides you with more interactive gameplay and many things to do than just SQ’s flashy luxurious attacks. It’s definitely one of entertaining ero flash game out there.

Now... where have I seen this before?

Though I must say the fact that e-ohkoku actually copied from Succubus Quest was very disturbing. Heck, if they want to copy SQ they should make a character with the equivalent awesomeness of Rovissa. Yes, this game definitely lacks Rovissa :p



  1. Is there any way to translate the Japanese?

  2. Well, since this game format is .swf you can copypasta the text to a translation engine like Babelfish or EXCITE. Also there’s a Anonymous at 4chan that has been working on the translation although I don’t know whether he has finished it or not.

  3. So, I know this is irrelevant to Erotical Night, but does anyone have a Walkthrough for Succubus Quest, or any way to get past the part where you defeat the mermaid woman? I’m quite stuck there! And it’s really difficult to tell what needs to be done..

  4. It’s been a long time since I played Succubus Quest, but I think I still remember that part. After you defeated the mermaid (Frederica?) talk to his fiancee to get the skill ‘sweet talk’. Then talk to a mage near a tree in Friberg (the port town) and she will teleport you to the tower of Dodichi. Once you’re there talk to the female guard and you will fight her. She refuses to strip so you need your ‘sweet talk’ skill. So use it and get the mood to max (the heart on lower right will have the three layers filled).

  5. Yes, I did that, but now I dont have anywhere else to go. I’m blocked by the door on the second story of the tower, I cant take two of the exits in the beginning town, no ship has arrived yet (Though examining some of the resources, I assume a ship is to arrive?), and i cant get to the third story of the tower. I’ve carefully written down all the monsters and have gotton essence from every single one, and talked to literally every single character in the game thus far. I’m also still confused about the little basement-parlor in the castle town, where you pay 10,000 gold to.. do something? ahah. XD And the woman gives you options to.. also do something mysterious.

  6. Oh, that door! Yes, it was confusing but there’s a little trick. First you must equip Rovissa with a certain equipment (I forgot the name) and she will get a new ability (I also forgot the name but it’s obvious since it’s the only one that can be used on field). Use that ability in front of the door and it will be opened.

  7. Oh! It’s probably one of the equipments that has no stat bonus, just an ability. Thank you SOOOO much, I’m a little OCD and.. admittedly.. the difficulty is a bit attractive.

    The tower shouldnt be so bad, since I’m now level 25. XD And I deeply appreciate your help.

    If I have any more insurmountable problems, I’ll be sure to harrass you here again. =3

  8. Oh! You wouldnt happen to know a trick for beating the ice queen, would you? The one you cant hurt.. who bitchslaps your positive status effects away.. whose heart you cant warm, and who drains all your TP, and you cant seem to undress? -.-;

  9. need hlp for this game….anyone know a walk through for this?

  10. Shouldn’t all of these question be on a Succubus Quest area, not erotical Night?

    To answer the questions for Hawk, you need to use the sweet talk skill.

  11. I found out how, it wasn’t talking, a combonation of things though. If I knew of an SQ area I’d definitely be bothering it though.

  12. so is there anyone that can tell me how to defeat the ice queen?

    I am stuck =/

  13. Out of a sense of curiosity, does anyone know if you can engage in any activity with the cat-girl shopkeeper in this game?

  14. To Lunater: Not that I know of.

    To Ryugadaisuki: Concentrate on her love-meter-thing. The use of certain herbs will help. This is an odd battle. =3

  15. Merde. Such a beautiful girl going unused. ;_;
    Well, thanks for the answer.

  16. thanks for the help ^^

    could someone please tell me what to do to get to the end of the first game? I am stuck in the land of night 2, and I am going insane trying to figure it out, all there is is a big beach, some trees, water and some blue stones that I don’t know what they are for x3

    one says something and 5 and I am curious if anyone can help me ^^:

  17. I¡m stuck agter beating the Ganguro boss. it seems I need to find in the lake the famiy crest (or so saysthe Excite translator) of that prince named Ford and dressed like Red Riding Hood, no less, but I can’t find it anywhere. Can someone please help me there?

  18. The family crest is in a place near the beginning of the game, in the water. There is a trail in the water, between the mountains of the south, that ends in a 3 x 2 zone of water that gives you chance to go east or west. It is in this 6 squares, random.

  19. Here’s a good walkthrough.

    I think you need to register to see it, though.

  20. Heh. Ripoff or no, This was a heck of alot better than SQ.

  21. This game’s pretty good. I’m kinda annoyed with the fact that stats don’t grow, but I’ve got an English version of this game, and that makes it better than trying to decipher what my auto-translator says succubus quest is trying to say.

  22. hey guysm this is an excellent game, i have finished this game like 20 times, yet im not bore….though I BEEN ASKING WITHOUT ANY SUCCESSM IF THERES A PART 2, OR SOME OTHER GAME FROM THE SAME PRODUCER, PLEASE HELP ME

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