Posted by: opphiucus | June 2, 2007

BigBang Beat

When someone is talking about a doujin fighting game the first name that popped up in my mind is Meltry Blood. But Studio NRF has published a doujin fighting game with potential that might rival the success of MB. The title is BigBang Beat.

Rei Hiroe (Black Lagoon)

When I first heard that a new 2D doujin fighting game is coming I was a bit skeptical at first due to the fiasco we got with Fate/ Sword Dance. Although some of the new ones are good (Fatal/Fake, UroBra) most of them were made by amateurs that are not even trying. Now, I’m not trying to badmouth these games but I just want to say that they’re more like wasted potential. They can do more but they don’t.

But when I finally got my chance to play BBB I was quite surprised. If you’re an AliceSoft then you must’ve realized that this game is based on AliceSoft’s BigBang Age- DaiBanchou, an ero-strategy game. I think NRF made a good decision by making a fighting game for BBA since it fits the theme really well. Now about BBB… The sprite is still very simple (equivalent to that of MB when it first came out) but the gameplay is smooth and fun. The control is responsive which is something that doujin fighting game nowadays lacks. What I like about this game is the combo can be easily chained and that makes the gameplay fast and dynamic. The battle background is also nice and it sorta reminds me about the Street Fighter series.

Now about the system. I can say that the system is a nice combination between MB and your classic Dragon Ball fighting game from Sega Genesis. Just like the other fighting games, you have health bar and the skill bar. If your health bar went zero you lose (duh!). You can do awesome skills with your skill bar. But in order to refill that you can wait as it will slowly fills itself or you use the B-action button that can make the charge goes faster but you will be unable to move. There’s also one more gauge that I forgot what it does 😦 but IIRC it has something to do with the Enhance button.

Although this is just the game’s first release (hence the line “1st Impression”) this game already offers you various modes. They’re story mode, survival mode, arcade mode, and training mode. Guess I don’t have to explain about them if you often play fighting games.

It's quite high quality if you'd ask me.

I haven’t finished exploring with BBB since I’m planning to move the game to my other comp (my current comp is low on memory) but I will make sure I will write more about this game. So far my imression about this game is very good. I’m hoping it will become as popular as MB someday. BBB really has done well for its 1st Impression (pun intended).


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