Posted by: opphiucus | June 2, 2007

Battle Moon Wars BGM

Finally someone released the BGM of BMW! I know many people have been waiting to dl the bgm (I know I want to). Credit to Seraphim Lord from Chiyochan for ripping the BGM.


Anyway the link only consists of BMW act 1 and 2 BGM so if you’re want act 3 BGM you won’t find any. It seems that he hasn’t got time to rip the music from act 3 as of now. I can’t wait until he finishes ripping it since I just can’t wait until I can hear the BMW version of EMIYA.



  1. Can u reupload the files pls the link has expired and i have been looking for these

  2. I would like to but the problem is I have deleted the files from my PC and moved them to my iPod. Maybe u should ask around the people at Beast’s Lair or Type Moon board at iichan. I’m sure someone else still has them.

  3. um ok thanks anyway i’ll try there

  4. Put them on your pc from your ipod?

  5. I found them.

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