Posted by: opphiucus | May 29, 2007


Test! Test! Does this thing work?

Hello everyone! This is Opphiucus and this is my first blog. So I beg your pardon if it’s not so good or anything. Well, now onto the good stuffs! As you can see, I can be called as otaku (yes, a sad fact). I love to collect stuffs that consists anime, manga, doujin games, visual novels, and even ahem… hentai. Somehow I feel too lonely keeping all these stuffs for myself. So I decided to make this blog to tell the world about stuffs I just acquired!

But this blog is not limited to those otaku stuffs. I might also share some news I just received as well as some trivia. Basically this blog is about stuffs that interst me and I want to share it.

BTW I’m not from an english speaking country so english is not my first language. So if you find one or two or many mistakes whether it’s about spelling or grammar I have to say sorry for the inconvenience.

Well, that’s about it.



  1. Yay otakuuu~!!!!

  2. Another ecchi series huh?

    I like the art for this one.

    “The mangaka doesn’t seem to use any toner and relies the artwork of the manga on a pencil. I believe if the mangaka has the time to fix the art with more sophisticated shading effects, it will look more awesome.”

    I really like the simple art though (from what I’ve seen here), It creates an awesome “sketchy” look. That also the primary reason I really like Rozen Maiden.

    I will try to check this out (along with the Yuria (that you mentioned earlier), Though I imagine it will be difficult for me to read considering what the plot is about.

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